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The Basics

JavaScript, HTML, CSS

begin your journey into web development with the foundational trio: JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. These core technologies are the building blocks of the web.

Modern Web Development Frameworks

FastAPI, Angular, OpenAPI

master modern web development with the Python backend frameworks FastAPI, Flask, and Plotly Dash - combined with Typescript frontend frameworks Angular, Ionic, and Material Design. Connected using the OpenAPI specification.

Database & Cloud Solutions

Google Cloud, Firebase, Postgres

delve into database management and cloud solutions with SQLModel, Postgres, Alembic, Firestore, Google Cloud, and Firebase. This section teaches you how to manage SQL and no-SQL databases, leverage cloud-based infrastructure, and create real-time, data-driven applications.

Deployment, Security & Collaboration

Auth0, Docker, GitHub

learn the essentials of authentication, authorization, and source control in web development with Auth0, Docker, and GitHub. This section covers the implementation of secure authentication systems, the use of Docker for consistent deployment, and GitHub for code versioning and collaboration.

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