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James Wiles

101 - Coding Fundamentals from Scratch

101 - Coding Fundamentals from Scratch

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This product is designed for technology product managers who are new to coding. The course focuses on the fundamentals of coding, giving an overview of how software development works, basic programming concepts, and the common languages used in the industry. It aims to provide a solid foundation in understanding coding from a project management perspective.

  • Sessions: 10 one-hour sessions
  • Content Overview:
    • Introduction to Software Development
    • Basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
    • Understanding Development Processes (Agile, Lean, Waterfall)
    • Overview of Frontend, Backend, and Hosting
    • Basic Database Knowledge
    • Communicating Effectively with Developers
    • Using Source Control and Git
  • Price: $500 for the complete course
  • Additional Features:
    • Access to a private forum for Q&A
    • Weekly practical assignments
    • Resource guide for non-coders in tech

Available time-slots are 10:00 until 22:00 Eastern-Standard Time.

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