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James Wiles

202 - Full Stack Development Essentials

202 - Full Stack Development Essentials

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This course is tailored for individuals who have some basic coding knowledge and wish to learn how to build a full stack product. It covers both frontend and backend development, database management, and basic deployment techniques. The course will guide learners through the process of creating a simple but complete web application.
  • Sessions: 15 one-hour sessions
  • Content Overview:
    • Advanced HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
    • Introduction to a Backend Language (Node.js/Python)
    • Database Design and Management (SQL/NoSQL)
    • Version Control with Git and GitHub
    • Building a RESTful API
    • Deployment and Basic DevOps
    • Hosting in the Cloud using Web Services
  • Price: $750 for the complete course
  • Additional Features:
    • Real-world project work
    • Fortnightly coding challenges
    • Post-course completion certificate

Available time-slots are 10:00 until 22:00 Eastern-Standard Time.

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